In the last 5 years the number of under 16s admitted to hospital for self-harm doubled, and currently in the UK 3 children in every classroom have a mental health problem, yet 75% are not receiving the treatment they so desperately need.*


Fegans’ Charity is working at the heart of this national problem. Children are suffering, and within our Christian organisation we are called to answer the need, in our counselling rooms, and with our parent support every single day.

That is why Fegans are bringing together churches and congregations to work together to support and understand the next generation and the emotional challenges they face.

Ian Soars, Fegans CEO, explained recently in The Times newspaper why the church is in a unique and powerful position to help this growing health epidemic:

“The current problem needs the Church to find new solutions to respond strategically to the cry for justice from communities seeing children’s lives being broken as Statutory Bodies no longer have the resources they need to meet the overwhelming need.


The Church has an opportunity, in partnership with the State, to respond to that need in a stunning way. The Church has powerful social assets that the Government can no longer afford: it is present in every town, its people are motivated, local and engaged, it has buildings, services and expertise…and its second greatest commandment is to ‘love its neighbour’.” Ian writes.

Fegans are pleased to find this opinion shared within local Christian Churches and organisations, and have organised the event ‘Understanding this Generation’ on 26th November, so we can provide qualified speakers, open up the conversation and work together as a community.

Simon Burton-Jones, the Bishop of Tonbridge, who will be speaking at the event says:

“For children and young people who suffer from mental illness, it can feel like someone has put them into a room with no light, turned the key and left them there. The event ‘Understanding this Generation’ is so important as the Church is one of the few inter-generational bodies in UK society. We have the capacity to offer care across the generations and to use the sizeable local spaces we have to bless those most in need’.”

Fegans has always understood the importance of nourishing our children for future generational need, and societies own good, a reflection of a future we can all come together to work towards.

Lindsay Meluish, Systematic psychotherapist and Director of New Wine says:

“If we can address the mental health of our children and young people today we can ensure they have the confidence to draw on their gifts, abilities and strengths as they influence, not just their own futures but the futures of their families, communities, and even our nation, in the years that lie ahead.”

Hugh Nelson the Vicar of Goudhurst & Kildown will also speaking at this unique event, and sharing with the audience the successes of the Weald Family Hub, set up with Fegans to work within the community.

To book your free place at ‘Understanding this Generation’ click here.

Please note a £5 donation on the evening would be most welcome to cover the costs of the event.

*Public Health England, 2016