Support us

Fegans works with all classes of people, from all backgrounds and ethnic groups.

Many of the children we see will be:

– From financially challenged backgrounds

– Assessed by their GP as significantly struggling emotionally or mentally

– Suffering from physical health challenges (eating disorders/self-neglect)

– Socially isolated and already struggling to engage with their peer groups

– Likely to have suffered significant trauma or life disadvantaging events

– Have suffered some form of abuse

– Unable to access private therapies due to prohibitive costs

You can make a real difference.

Our Bursary fund

We ask that every client pays a contribution to the cost of their counselling. Some are able to pay the full amount but many cannot. The centre-based counselling bursary will pay for children and families who are unable to afford the counselling services they so desperately need.

So why is Fegans a prudent, wise and telling place for me to give?

Fegans is a Christian Charity doing astounding work with the most vulnerable of children and families. We are a sound investment for the following reasons

1. Our impact is deep, proven and sustainable

2. We have a strong, committed management team

3. Our governance processes – safeguarding, clinical practice and financial, are robust and transparent

4. We are efficiently run

5. We have a clear plan to grow safely and quickly

And frankly for thousands of children already…if not Fegans, then who?

No matter how small, your donation will make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families. Whether it is £5 or £500, your contribution is valued and appreciated.

By setting up a monthly donation to Fegans, we can plan continued support for the children and families who need our services


Volunteers have played a key role in the Fegans family for nearly 150 years.

We all have such different talents and skills. Some of us love baking delicious chocolate cakes whilst others can happily walk 5 kms. Speaking to large audiences may not phase some whilst others may feel more comfortable chatting one on one or to small groups.

Which talents could you use to bring hope to the lives of children and families. Here are a few ideas

Become an Ambassador

Help us to raise our profile of Fegans.

As more individuals and groups hear about our life-changing work, they are keen to get involved, supporting us financially, praying for us or through volunteering. We have a number of teams working together, speaking to a wide variety of audiences, in churches, schools, women’s groups, Rotary, WI, nursery schools….. The role of Fegans Ambassador is very flexible, you may feel comfortable buddying up with another volunteer, introducing our DVD and handing out leaflets, others may be happy to address a church group or community group, speaking in more detail about our work.
Fegans provide a comprehensive training programme and ongoing support for Ambassadors. There is also a wide range of materials to help us in the task.

Fundraising and Networking

Could you organise an event in your local community?

A raffle or cake sale at your local golf club or WI? Maybe encourage your local school to wear an item of red clothing for Fegans day? You could even press gang a group of friends to participate in a sponsored event, run, walk, swim, even skydive for Fegans!

Fegans have set up a number of bursary funds supporting our counselling and work with parents. Could you help spread the word about these funds? Introduce Fegans to key stakeholders?

We would love to hear from you. If you would like to find out more please contact Jo Wild at

Here are some fundraising ideas for schools and community groups.

Parent Support Volunteer

Fegans provides 1-1 and group support to parents who are struggling and need a little help to enable them to move forward and enjoy being a Mum or Dad again.  Some parents are dealing with children with additional needs, others are dealing with a range of challenges which can prevent them from being the best parent they can be.

Volunteers can work alongside Fegans’ trained and experienced parent support workers to help parents overcome barriers and issues, develop effective strategies and raise confidence in their parenting skills.  Volunteering can sometimes lead to further opportunities in training and paid work with Fegans.

To find out more about the role of a parent support worker, please read the Parent Support Job Description

We would love to hear from you. If you would like to find out more please contact Jo Wild at