Election Priorities

The Children’s Society has two big asks of the Government in this election, the first of which is to provide funding for the provision of counselling in schools, they say: “By making counselling provision compulsory and backing it up with appropriate funding, all schools will be well placed to make sure that they can meet the emotional and mental health needs of their students, helping them thrive in education.”

 Fegans is a low cost flexible service operating in 100 schools the biggest barrier to us getting to the children who need us is adequate finances. Although Fegans deals with the higher end cases such as self harm, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, depression, it typically costs us less than £500 to address the key issues in a child’s life.  We can grow quickly and work with almost any school, secondary or primary, anywhere in the country. The only obstacle to schools using us? Money.

 Join us in supporting the call made by The Children’s Society, to find out more visit their website by clicking here.

By Ian Soars

Fegans’ CEO