Starting the conversation

Fegans predominately works with children and families who are suffering deeply. Our job is to bring restoration and hope to people who have nowhere else to go, and our outcomes are staggeringly good. The reason we don’t make a play on this because for the most part we don’t own these outcomes, the people we work with do.

Addressing the issues

However so many of the people who come into our counselling rooms, or who receive our interventionist services, have such similar backgrounds or journeys that eventually the time comes to speak honestly, openly, in love and compassion. A time comes to speak about what those similarities are so that as a culture, as parents, as a society we begin to face some uncomfortable truths. We want to address three of these common causes over the next series of blogs and then end with a simple way of dealing with them. If you have thoughts that you would like to share or contribute as to how and what we are thinking, we would love to hear from you.