Making your family better, stronger, more harmonious may not require a complete overhaul, but rather a few tweaks. Here’s a roundup of the resolutions you and your family might want to make to ensure a fabulous 2020!


Hold Family Meetings. Give everyone in the family an opportunity to be heard. Provide the space for feuding family members to voice their feelings in a setting that allows respectful communication and conflict resolution. You’ll get greater cooperation when decisions are made mutually.


Laugh. A lot. Laughter fills up the family’s happiness tank, making your family more resilient in tough times. It also paves the way for positive parenting.


Focus on Quality, not Quantity. We all know that life is busy. But, building those vital bonds of belonging is accomplished in moments, not hours. Make all those moments count. Be mindful. Put away your smart phone, and be fully present and engaged for that short while.


Get Unplugged. These days, we all spend too much time with electronics. When was the last time you and your family spent a day “unplugged,” without watching TV, checking emails, or staying glued to social media? Set a goal of spending at least one day a month without gadgets, and instead, enjoy the outdoors or have a board game marathon.


Eat Well. Even if your children are a healthy weight, seeing their parents keep healthy eating habits can positively shape their relationship with food. Involve kids in the kitchen and aim to make them more interested and adventurous at mealtime.


Be Good to Others. Could your family use a little more kindness? Put a stop to kicking under the dinner table, refusing to share, and forgetting manners. Keep in mind that kids learn how to be kind by watching their parents’ actions, so try to compliment your partner and be compassionate during disagreements. Also, consider being helpful to others through volunteering in your local community.


Don’t Forget Date Nights. In our efforts to put “family first,” we sometimes, inadvertently put our marriages last. Our partnership is important, parents are the foundation of family life, and in order to stay connected as loving partners, you need to put in the time away from the kids.