Today is World Mental Health Day, and at Fegans we are facing the challenge of supporting vulnerable children with mental health difficulties today, as we do every day. We currently work with 400 children a week, and aim to reach 2,000 a week, before we set our next target.  The mental health of the nation is gaining more attention in the media and stigma is gradually being chipped away.

This is a much welcome development to organisations such as ours, however the news is alarming, and more needs to be done, especially in the light of government cuts.

From recent news alone there has been reports that:

  • A quarter of 14 year old girls show signs of depression.
  • More than half of school teachers say they do not feel adequately trained in supporting pupils with mental health problems.
  • The number of reported sexual offences by under-18s against other under-18s in England and Wales rose by 71% between 2013-14 and 2016-17.

What can Fegans do?

  • Continue to support as many vulnerable children as possible in schools and in centre with counselling.
  • Support parents in schools, homes and in centre with Counselling and Parents Supporting Parents.
  • Train school teachers, education workers and counsellors in how to work with children, and how to deal with issues that can arise.
  • Raise awareness for the mental health needs and safeguarding of children, both offline and online at our Parents page.

What can you do to help?

Supporting our Bursary through monthly giving will help us get to more children from disadvantaged homes who desperately need our services. Click here to find out more.