Shocking new figures released by Kent Police last week has shown an increase in sexual abuse crimes rising by 18% on the 1,337 offences recorded by police in Kent in 2014/15.

These new statistics show that four sex offences are carried out against children in Kent every single day. This figure is heart-breaking, and the affects of sexual abuse in childhood can have a dramatically negative impact on the course of a child’s life, leading to shame, depression, even suicide.

Early intervention to help victims is vital. CEO of Fegans, Ian Soars says:

“In the past year we have been investing in training for our therapists who work with children who have sadly been the victims of sexual abuse.

Early intervention and strong partnership working with the police is key to ensuring the victims get the support they need. As well as counselling the child, we work with the parents to manage the inevitable impact in the home. Our passion is to reach the whole family holistically.”

If you, or someone you love, has been effected by sexual abuse, inside or outside of the home, you can seek help today.

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For information on counselling services that help start the recovery process after sexual abuse, call Fegans on 01892 538 288.

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