“My parents started arguing. They argued a lot when we were in bed, and they were shouting, but I didn’t understand what they said. Then they told us that Daddy was going to live somewhere else, but that we would be able to visit him a lot. I miss him; he used to use funny voices when he read me stories.


“My mummy brought me to see someone at Fegans because she thought it might help. The teacher told her about this place, because she noticed me picking my nails and tugging hard on my hair, but I don’t realise I’m doing it. I don’t know why.


“I worry about lots of things now. I don’t like to tell my Mummy because I know she’s still upset.”


“I’m worried about SATs at school and not doing well enough. I’m worried about Mummy forgetting to pick me up. I worry about being sick at school and people teasing me and not wanting to be my friend.


“I talk to this woman and tell her all my worries, and we play. She promised me I could tell her anything, and that she would help me understand my feelings a bit better. I feel better when I leave, because I can share it with someone – I didn’t like keeping it all inside.”


*Name and photo changed for client confidentiality