In 2018 Fegans started working with The Weald Family Hub in Goudhurst and Kilndown parish to create a partnership that sees congregations raising money to support children with professional, individual counselling in local schools.


We are very pleased to share that the first group of children from four local schools are completing their initial counselling sessions provided by this initiative. 

Counselling is an opportunity for a child to build a safe and trusted relationship with a trained professional who can help them to work through their difficulties and offers them a safe place to express troubling emotions in a therapeutic way.

One of the Headteachers who has received the subsidised counselling for her school recently told us about one child who had behavioural challenges they were struggling to find solutions for within the normal school routine: 


“We have seen a noticeable difference in this pupil’s behaviour and general wellbeing since they began the counselling. They are more resilient and have more strategies to support themselves. They are also less emotional and better able to think through the situation rationally, to reason and accept responsibility.” 


It’s a very positive outcome to see such a change in this pupil and something that may well be a turning point for them for the future. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of The Hub”

At Fegans we believe that no child need struggle alone. If you, or your church, are interested in partnering with Fegans for the benefit of your community please email or call 01892 528 288 


*image changed for client confidentiality