Too much anxiety

As we’ve said before, anxiety is a natural part of life, and serves good purposes in keeping us safe throughout our lives. Sometimes, when we feel too stressed or overwhelmed, our anxiety can start to feel unmanageable, and even small tasks can feel overwhelming. You might decide that your anxiety needs more intervention if you recognise the following:
•This mood has been happening consistently for weeks or months
•Your anxiety often feels intense or severe
•Feeling anxious is stopping you from fully engaging in socialising, school, home life, or hobbies and activities that you used to enjoy.

At this point, let’s consider some things you can do to get your anxiety back under control:
•Speak to a trusted adult for help

It’s ok to ask for help and, sometimes, it’s the best thing to do. If you’re feeling that you are struggling to cope, speak to an adult that you trust, and ask them for support and understanding. Having someone to listen to our worries can be very important, and make a real difference to our wellbeing. They might be able to support you in going to the support services at your school, making contact with your GP, or finding a counsellor to talk to.
•Have hope that this will pass, and that you can make changes

When we have been feeling anxious for some time, we can often feel like we’re never going to get better. It can be difficult to imagine finding the motivation to make change, when anxiety can make us feel so powerless. Think about the language you use – instead of thinking, ‘I’m never going to get better’ you can say, ‘I currently feel anxious, and I’m finding ways to feel better’. Focusing on positive language can help us feel more positive in general.
•Remember how brave you are

Brave people aren’t brave because they never feel scared or worried – they’re brave because they feel those things and try their best to do them anyway. Even by reading this article, you’re focusing on ways that you can try and help yourself to feel better.
•Keep an eye on your eating, water drinking and sleep

They seem like basics, but these are the building blocks for our wellbeing, and they can often be overlooked when we’re feeling overwhelmed. Make sure you eat well balanced, regular meals, drink water throughout the day, and get enough sleep. Try and move your body every day, with a walk, some stretches, or a dance around your room.
•Read our article on tips and strategies to manage anxiety

There are some things you can do for yourself that can help you to manage your anxiety. If you haven’t already, head to this article and check out the suggestions that we offered.

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