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The joyous journey from adolescent to adult

When we first decided to offer a talk for parents wishing to support their teen through the teenage years we thought there might be SOME interest and planned to cater for approximately 50 parents.  Four ‘Teenage Years’ events later and almost 1,000 parents have attended!  There is clearly a big demand for guidance around this turbulent parenting phase and we are so happy to be able to offer some comfort, insight and advice in this area.

The feedback has been amazing “Brilliant speakers, I’ve learned a great deal. THANK YOU“. You might be reassured to hear that the majority of parents have similar concerns.  You are not alone.

Of the parents who completed our short survey the top three concerns were their relationship with their child (43%), their child’s self-esteem (26%) and excessive screen time (22%).  Concerns about online safety and exam stress also featured heavily in parents’ responses but there were less parental concern expressed over bullying, violence, alcohol and drug taking and sexual behaviour.

The positives from these results are that those key issues highlighted can actually be supported through parenting and the events highlighted some simple parenting steps to help improve relationships in particular.

We will continue to offer parenting talks and share insightful articles about parenting on the Fegans’ Blog. 

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