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At the heart of Fegans are the counsellors, parent support workers and preschool staff who sit face to face with vulnerable families, using their immense compassion, skills and wisdom to transform lives.  Surrounding these precious people are the support services such as finance, human resources and communications, whose skills and commitment help this amazing work take place. Together we are Fegans, and how proud I am to be part of such an amazing charity!

In response to staff comments around the time consuming nature of accessing resources and amidst my frustration of returning from networking events armed with partner charity leaflets but no way of distributing them to the right people, I have created a web page specifically for those of you who are client facing. This is hopefully just the start of a growing resource that can grow with our organisation, with the end goal being included in our new intranet.

Counsellor, Denise Sturge-Allard, kindly updated an A-Z of contact details of referral organisations from addiction to suicide, which is a helpful resource for all and a great starting point.  The communications team will be liaising with you to continually build on this resource and share knowledge, links and best practice between us.  Please do support Elizabeth (our new part-time  Communications Assistant), Anna (our PR volunteer) and me in this quest to make best use of the immense knowledge and skills we hold within Fegans.  We will be contacting you to discover what areas interest you, what you’d like to know more about and what you feel you are able to share. We aim to make this as easy for you as possible as we know your time is precious.

All information will be included on The Support Signpost page for Fegans’ staff and some may even be useful for external communications to help us write press releases and engage with supporters.  It is important that our existing and prospective supporters understand the value of our work and appreciate the expertise within our charity.  This will enhance our brand reputation, continue to open more doors for our charity and will help us to secure valuable funds for Fegans to continue to grow and transform more lives.

Any suggestions for inclusions for this signposting page would be more than welcome.  The more we all engage with knowledge sharing the more successful this initiative will be so please do contact Elizabeth or me with your feedback. Elizabeth’s email is

Ann-Marie Fisher


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