I joined the Fegans family on 21st April 1987, working at Pinewood Day Care Centre in Heathfield as a day care assistant, the age range was from 6 weeks old to 4 year olds.

I became the Lead Early Years Practitioner, teaching the National Curriculum to the 4 year olds in preparation for starting school. I eventually took over as Manager of the centre, combining this role with Early Years role, a move that left me with frustration as I was beginning to spend less time with children and more time doing lesson plans and Managerial work.

When you have worked  for a long time anywhere change is inevitable, you can’t stop progress. The  biggest change for me happened when  I stepped down for Managing Pinewood and the children’s work. It wasn’t an easy decision but is was a necessary one. I loved the teaching side of the job and being with the children, however the two combined roles did not fit well together and I felt it was best not to do either job as opposed to doing two jobs not as well as I could. I became a family worker which then evolved into me doing my counselling training, which is the role I am now in and as they say the rest is history.

One of the biggest changes recently was the move from Heathfield, and this was probably one of the saddest as it is the end of an era, we still have a base in Horam Chapel one day a week, which is the village before you get to Heathfield.

The best thing for me personally about being part of the Fegans family is seeing Faith at work, especially in the early days working at Pinewood, being able to get alongside the parents and share the Gospel with them, we saw fruit from the times we spent with the parents, God blessed us and them as we shared with them.

The best part is loving clients unconditionally, seeing them grow and develop as they discover who they are and the potential that they have.

Maggie Phillips

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  1. You’re an absolute blessing to Fegans, Maggie. You’re a delight to work with. Many congratulations for the landmark.


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