Happy Father’s Day!

This Father’s Day Fegans will be celebrating all things great about fathers so please look out for our video campaign on social media and share it with friends and family.  We would like as many people as possible to receive our inspirational message of positive parenting and the impact Dad’s make in their children’ lives.

We are working in partnership with Prospect Arts film makers, Happy Feet Agency and Wells Family Mediation to create three short videos; one for fathers, one for mothers and one about united parenting and each will be released at key times throughout the coming year; the first in time for Father’s Day.  Please see a sneak preview of the recent filming that took place.

The video series is called ‘Looking Up’ as we have tried to capture parenting from a child’s perspective to show how positive parenting feels for them. The video and associated social media campaign will direct recipients to a newly devised Fegans web page containing articles for Dads; from light hearted plait tutorials to articles about supporting your child with mental health issues to practical tips for developing a better relationship with your child.

The aim of the campaign is two-fold.

    • To highlight how much their actions mean to their children and shapes the adults they’ll become – hopefully helping to inspire Dads to be the best they can be
    • To reach new audiences and raise awareness of Fegans and the work we do 

But don’t worry Mums there will be a similar campaign for us – we just need to wait till Mother’s Day to see it!

There is a really fun and simple way you can contribute to our Father’s Day campaign…

One section of our Dad’s page will be a page of quotes about favourite times spent with their Dad.  If you have children perhaps you could ask them to fill in the blanks of ‘I love it when my Dad…’ or you could answer it from your perspective looking back from when you were a child ‘I loved it when my Dad…’ Here’s a couple of examples from our volunteer, Anna, who has already asked her two boys;

“I love it when my Dad says funny things”

“I love it when my Dad kisses me goodnight”

You can either add your contributions by commenting below or emailing me.

By Ann-Marie Fisher