Fegans provides professional  therapeutic services to schools

Fegans staff are fabulous, supportive and a huge help to all at the school

Teacher, Lambeth

Without Fegans I believe there are children that it would be very difficult to find a solution for



Most schools are struggling with issues such as exclusion, behavioural challenges, self-harm, extreme anxiety, eating disorders, depression or children who have simply withdrawn into themselves. Often schools struggle to find solutions for children who are facing these issues within the context of the normal school routine.

Fegans can be that solution.

We can provide professionals at reasonably short notice to work within your school and address some of those issues that can be so challenging for schools to meet.

Fully qualified and supported counsellors

Trained parent support professionals

Where we are based

Fegans are currently in around 100 schools across the South East.  We are continually growing into new areas as demand requires us.

If you would like to find out if there is a Fegans counsellor available for your area please contact by clicking the email button below.

How to engage with us

To request a meeting / enquire about Fegans services in your school, please fill the form below.

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