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How to partner with us 

Fegans partner with schools, local authorities children’s centres and social services. Our desire is also to partner closely with churches who share a common heart to serve the community they are in. We see this as possibly working in the following ways;

  1. Encouraging churches to partner with us to establish Fegans teams in their towns. This might take the form of allowing us use of their premises, encouraging people to come and work for Fegans or provide volunteers to be trained in specialist parenting support for the benefit of your community.
  2. Supporting us in prayer. The work we do can be very intense and occasionally harrowing…we would welcome being remembered by your church or house group in your prayers. LINK TO PRAYER PARTNERS
  3. Following our blog or social media accounts. Fegans take an evidence based approach to the issues we raise and whilst many of the things we flag are sometimes difficult to say as well as hear, it is greatly encouraging to see people take an active interest and support us in our desire to make a difference to the lives of children in the UK

If your church would like to find out more about working with Fegans, please contact Ian.Soars@fegans.org.uk


Infographics about the number of children we see, families we support and also infographics about the amount of money we receive through statutory services versus church donation.

Testimonials of parents and children and maybe Bishop of Ely if that gets off the ground?


Prayer foundation

As a Christian organisation we have many supporters who would like to support us through prayer.  Prayer Partners receive a monthly email outlining some of the charity’s work that would benefit from prayer. If you would like to receive this monthly prayer email please join our mailing list and indicate this preference. LINK

Join Us – link to mailing list

Request a speaker

Fegans’ Ambassadors are passionate volunteers who offer their time to visit local groups and churches to share Fegans’ good work and highlight the variety of ways others can support this remarkable charity.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for Fegans or you would like to arrange a speaker for your group or church please email jo.wild@fegans.org.uk