The issues facing children, families and communities cannot be addressed by any single organisation alone. Solutions require many approaches running in tandem and involving several partners working alongside and complementing, not competing with each other. Fegans’ strategic plans for growth depend on partnering with others and we are keen to extend those partnerships where we can.

We believe that there are broadly 3 types of organisations required to provide a comprehensive and therefore effective approach to families needs.

These bodies must maintain ultimate control and oversight as they enable multi agency engagement to work together within a common framework (ideally Early Help, Team around the family or similar)

Churches and other community groups play a vital part in stopping escalation and providing pastoral/friendship/peer to peer care. They can also act as a vital early warning system.

Fegans has the infrastructure and expertise to support many more children and families than we currently are. Financial investment in our charity will help us to reach those families quickly, safely and effectively.

Request a meeting / call with CEO

CEO of Fegans, Ian Soars, is dedicated to reaching as many children and families in need as quickly as possible.  For this reason Ian will gladly meet with any agencies who are interested in exploring strategic partnerships to enable us to meet this need.

If you would like to contact Ian Soars, CEO of Fegans, please email or call 07769315550.