New Online Parent Support Service

Fegans is working hard to make sure we can continue to support as many families as possible during this time of Coronavirus lockdown, so we are now offering online one-to-one support to parents via Zoom.  To find out more or book a session please email:

Why Fegans?

Fegans approach stands out from others as we offer whole-family support.

We help the family move towards that future, identifying and developing their assets themselves.

We offer flexible, evidence-based interventions adapted to the needs of each family. We are registered and trained users of the Family Outcomes Star self -assessment tool, which promotes family ownership, clear accountability, regular monitoring and review and successful exit planning.

A service tailored for results, our relationships with families are at the heart of our work. We offer a truly flexible service built around a holistic assessment of the needs of each family. At Fegans, we never give up, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile and will persist with a family until engagement is achieved.


"My thanks will never be enough. Never, not in a million years, as there is no price tag on a mother’s relationship with her child."

Anonymous, parent helped by Fegans

Parent Support

Evidenced based and tailor made. Materials include:
– how to build a positive relationship with your child
– understanding the causes of behaviour
– behaviour management
– looking after ourselves
– problem solving sessions in  the Tunbridge Wells Fegans’ office

Used for:
Supporting parents who are finding family life a challenge

£38 per hour


Home Intervention

Tailor-made support – identifying:
– What is working well?
– What are we worried about?
– What are the complicating factors?
– What needs to happen?

Used for:
Support and intervention for parents who feel unable to cope with family life.

£60 per hour.

Fegans operates a bursary scheme for families unable to meet the whole cost of the sessions. If finance presents a barrier to you accessing support please raise this when contacting us.

Parents Supporting Parents (PSP)

Our programme that aims to support, train and equip parents to give a sense of purpose and self-value.

Used for:
Support for families in crisis, to build resilience and take vulnerable parents on a journey from isolation to volunteering.

18 weeks split into 3 sections:

Individual 1-1 support and intensive programme at home

Group support within evidence based parenting groups

Community support and volunteering

Please enquire.

Fegans operates a bursary scheme for families unable to meet the whole cost of the sessions. If finance presents a barrier to you accessing support please raise this when contacting us.

Evidence based Interventions

Fegans Parent Support workers are trained in the Incredible Years Programme and the Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Programme.
These evidence based programmes can be delivered in a range of settings, including – schools, Childrens Centres, community buildings, hostels and adapted for one-to-one interventions.
Rapid response
Fegans has a rapid response service to provide intensive, short-term support to families in crisis. We are there to ‘de-escalate’ crisis situations, liaise across relevant services and deliver appropriate levels of monitoring and intervention to ensure children and young people are properly safeguarded. We provide a rapid response to emergency situations to prevent, where appropriate, admission to local authority care, or where fostering and adoption are likely to break down.

Children in Need – Step Downs

We engage families and provide intensive support to reduce the ‘revolving door’ of repeat referrals into Social Services. Our parenting practitioners work alongside volunteer peer mentors, and we help families achieve their own goals and permanently reduce their need.




Effective parenting is the best solution to the increasing mental health issues of our children and young people. Will you join with us to become part of that solution?


We recruit, train, match and supervise volunteers to support individual families. Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, the majority are parents who have been supported through Fegans and have come through parenting support pathways. We identify the needs of families, alongside the development goals of volunteers, creating matches which meet the needs of both. They then work alongside a trained professional to mentor and guide them before being able to work independently with families.

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