New Online Parent Support Service

Fegans is working hard to make sure we can continue to support as many families as possible, so we are also offering online one-to-one support to parents via Zoom.  To find out more or book a session please email:

Why Fegans?

The quality of relationship parents make with their infants and children is of paramount importance for mental health and wellbeing.

Fegans' approach stands out from others as we offer whole-family support.

We offer flexible, needs-led, solution-focused programmes that aim to support, mentor and equip parents to manage their family life and relationships better.


All our Parent Support Workers and Volunteers have been trained and are able to work one-to-one with families, or in groups.


At Fegans, we never give up, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile and will persist with a family until engagement is achieved.


I have learnt to be a more confident parent, and be more organised. This course was amazing, helpful and built up my confidence.

SV, from Sevenoaks

Fegans’ Parent Support

Fegans will work with a family for between three to eight sessions, via 1-to-1 intensive support, looking at building good relationships between the parents and their children, understanding the causes of behaviour and identifying where things are not working.

Topics include:
– how to build a positive relationship with your child
– behaviour management
– looking after ourselves
– problem solving


Used for:
Supporting parents who are finding family life a challenge.


£40 per hour


Early Bird and Teen Life


EarlyBird Plus (ages four-nine) and Teen Life (ages 10-16) are support programmes for parents and carers, offering advice and guidance on strategies and approaches to working with young autistic children. The programmes work on understanding autism, building confidence to encourage interaction and communication, and understanding and supporting behaviour.

Fegans’ Parent Support Workers are licensed to offer this course which aims to empower parents to understand more about autism.

To find out more, please visit out Early Bird and Teen Life page.


This is a free course, but Fegans would welcome a donation of £40 to cover our Parent Support Worker’s time and the costs of the material supplied.


Referrals for families can be made by schools, Early Help, church workers, or any other agencies involved with the family.

Parents can also self-refer for support.


We want parents to feel confident and children to be resilient!


Fegans operates a bursary scheme for families unable to meet the whole cost of the sessions. If finance presents a barrier to you accessing support, please raise this when contacting us.

Why is FPS needed?

According to a study by the Department of Education, poor parenting can lead to disengaged children, social isolation, poorer academic achievement and lower life chances. Understanding and recognising parents’ own difficulties and experiences can, in turn, help those parents make better decisions for their children.

We also know that good parenting can lead to:

-A sense of purpose, self-value and ability to become a net contributor to society

-Renewed confidence in the parent

-Happier children with higher chances of good mental health

Effective parenting is the best solution to the increasing mental health issues of our children and young people. Will you join with us to become part of that solution?


We recruit, train, match and supervise volunteers to support individual families. Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, the majority are parents who have been supported through Fegans and have come through parenting support pathways. We identify the needs of families, alongside the development goals of volunteers, creating matches which meet the needs of both. They then work alongside a trained professional to mentor and guide them before being able to work independently with families.

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