If you would like to join a motivated team that transforms the lives of children and families then we would love to hear from you.

Current Vacancies

BACP Registered Counsellors 

Sadly the demand for counselling in the UK is ever increasing. We would love to help meet the needs of more children and families and always welcome applications from qualified counsellors to grow our teams in the South East. Fegans’ fully qualified counsellors are all registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. We have developed a delivery model which releases qualified counsellors into schools within a rigorous regulatory, safeguarding and financial framework. It can grow quickly and efficiently without the need for huge infrastructure costs. It works by centralising marketing, reporting, IT platforms, diary management, safeguarding and clinical supervision, whilst still allowing children to be met by experts in their field. This structure enables us to make the very best use of our precious resources. Now we want to take it to the nation.

For more information email:  tia.barham@fegans.org.uk

Counsellor Job Description

Fegans Mission, Ethos, Values and Statement of Faith

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Early Years Practitioner/ Buttons Pre-School in Ramsgate

We are looking for an Early Years Practitioner to join our team at Buttons Pre-School in Ramsgate.

We will be interviewing for this post as applications arrive.

For more information, and to apply, please see below.

Early Years Practitioner/Buttons Pre-School

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Why become a Fegans' Counsellor?

Fegans’ counsellors are managed through a Head Office based team called ‘the Hub’. This means that whilst every counsellor who works for us is very much an integral part of our employed workforce, we do not have a localised manager for each counsellor. This way of working means that we can reach into communities across the UK and work with children and families wherever they need us….they don’t need to wait for us to open a local office.

In practice, this means you receive full support from our Hub team, who will endeavour to place you with schools in your home town. Therefore a real desire to make a difference to your local community is a pre-requisite as you may not live and work close to a Fegans office.

We ask our counsellors to provide at least 10 hours of counselling time each week to schools on a term-time only basis.
We will find, contact and contract with schools for you and the hours may be split over 3 or 4 schools dependent on local need, so with training days and supervision included this will average 13-14 hours per week over the 39 week period.

If the opportunity for you to impact your local community using
your core skills excites you, we will invest heavily in you
in the following ways:

• Pay rate of £10.78 per hour (including holiday enhancement)

• Your BACP membership fees paid

• You will be paid to attend 2-4 Fegans’ training days per year

• Your local schools will be found, contacted and contracted with on your behalf

• One annual Fegans staff day, paid

• An hour’s paid supervision, fortnightly during term time. The full supervision cost is covered

• On-going contact and support from the Fegans team

• Encouragement to go forward for supervision training.

What does Fegans look for in a counsellor?

Fully qualified counsellors (diploma level or above) from a BACP accredited college or with a Certificate of Proficiency from the BACP. We ask for over 200 hours of counselling practice and that you are either BACP accredited or working towards accreditation. We expect the highest professional standards to be maintained at all times, a high level of commitment to maintaining both the BACP’s and our professional standards and, of course, strict adherence to our comprehensive safeguarding policy and procedures.

Although we will do everything in our power to provide ten hours of counselling, if we cannot achieve it straight away we ask you to bear with us. We want you to build a community with other Fegans’ workers near you, via the Internet, group supervision or even by meeting for coffee. It is also important that you understand that schools where you work on Fegans’ behalf remain our clients if you leave us.

Working as a Fegans' Counsellor

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I specialise in primary or secondary?
Yes, we will endeavour to facilitate this but it will also depend on local need and accessibility.

Can I work more than ten hours in schools?
Yes, but our guidelines are to limit counsellors to spending no more than 15 hours in schools each week in order to protect your work life balance.

What if there aren’t ten hours available locally straight away?
Counsellors may start their contract on fewer hours but we will endeavour to get you to ten hours as fast as possible. This will be an ongoing dialogue between the local schools, you and the Hub.

I am a supervisor/trainer.
Does Fegans need those kind of services?
Very, very much so. We are also very keen to invest in people acquiring these kinds of skills.

I have no experience of counselling children. Can I still participate?
Possibly. We would look for two things:

1. That you have a track record of working with children (i.e. a teacher/ TA/youth group leader)

2. That you attend our week-long children’s counselling course (http://www.fegans.org.uk/training/)


We are looking for a Trustee to join our team.

Fegans Mission, Ethos, Values & Statement of Faith

For more information, please contact linden.sanders@fegans.org.uk

Parent Support Workers

From time to time we recruit parent support workers as we grow into new areas but we always welcome enquiries from those interested in volunteering in our parent support teams.

Please contact jobs@fegans.org.uk for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers have played a key role in the Fegans family for nearly 150 years.

Fegans services are delivered by fully qualified Counsellors so we are unable to accept any offers of frontline support to the children we work with. However, there are other ways non-clinical volunteers can support our services. We would welcome contact from those able to share their professional skill to help organise and attend fundraising events , or make presentations  at churches or community groups to raise awareness of our charity. This valuable support work helps us to support more children and families in need. If you are interested in becoming a Fegans Ambassador please contact joanne.wild@fegans.org.uk

From time to time we have opportunities for administrative support within our centres. To find out more please contact jennie.worthley@fegans.org.uk