Can you help a child receive the support they need?

By donating to Fegans on-going work you can ensure that children in distress move quickly up our waiting list and receive the professional counselling they so desperately need.

Sadly due to increasing demand and government funding cuts more and more children experiencing trauma and mental health issues are not receiving the treatment they so desperately need.

This national trend is reflected in our waiting lists.  Despite Fegans doubling the amount of children supported in the last six years there are still too many children waiting to be seen by our qualified counsellors.  We believe every child deserves the right to access therapeutic support regardless of their financial circumstances.

Please help us to reach every child who needs us, as quickly and safely as we possibly can.

By setting up a monthly donation to Fegans, we can plan continued support for the children and families who need our services

No matter how small, your donation will make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families. Whether it is £5 or £500, your contribution is valued and appreciated.

Support us

Fegans works with people, from all social backgrounds, faith and ethnic groups.

Many of the children we see will be:

– From financially challenged backgrounds

– Assessed by their GP as significantly struggling emotionally or mentally

– Suffering from physical health challenges (eating disorders/self-neglect)

– Socially isolated and already struggling to engage with their peer groups

– Likely to have suffered significant trauma or life disadvantaging events

– Have suffered some form of abuse

– Unable to access private therapies due to prohibitive costs

You can make a real difference.

If you would prefer to donate to Fegans by sending a cheque please address it to ‘Fegans’ and post it to:

Fegans, 160 St James Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2HE.

So why is Fegans a prudent, wise and telling place for me to give?

Fegans is a Christian Charity doing astounding work with the most vulnerable of children and families. We are a sound investment for the following reasons

1. Our impact is deep, proven and sustainable

2. We have a strong, committed management team

3. Our governance processes – safeguarding, clinical practice and financial, are robust and transparent

4. We are efficiently run

5. We have a clear plan to grow safely and quickly

And frankly for thousands of children already…if not Fegans, then who?