The Government has acknowledged in recent times that mental health is a growing problem and the issue needs to be taken seriously and addressed. With the forthcoming election please pray that this issue will not be swept aside as the various political parties campaign and that the elected government will be committed to taking action. Ask God to guide them to provide the necessary funds and resources to enable this important work to be done

God knows the needs of all his people. Pray for God’s healing for those suffering from mental health and emotional difficulties.

As the use of food banks continues to grow, pray that the Government may take action to alleviate poverty in this country and that no parent should find they are unable to meet the basic needs of their children.


Give thanks to God that Fegans is reaching out to support more children and families and ask that God will continue to bless this work with financial support and resources, both human and other.

Pray for our management team and trustees that they may see God’s vision for Fegans with clarity and be guided in how to achieve this. May God give wisdom in decision making, inspiration in action and determination to help the many children and families who are struggling.

Pray that Fegans may have good and strong relationships with schools, CAMHS, health authorities, Social Services and all other external bodies we work with.

Ask God to guide Fegans as it looks for a new building in Tunbridge Wells that the right place may be found, fit for purpose and accessible to all.


Pray for struggling families that they may find the support they need to give their children a stable environment so they can thrive. Here are some comments from children working with Fegans’ counsellors about their family life.

Boy age 10 “I just want them to stop shouting at each other all the time.”

Girl age 15: “I’m not noticed, I don’t matter. No-one spends time with me at home because they’re always too busy.”

Boy age 16   “I feel so lonely at home.”

Girl age 11 “Mum’s always so stressed. I wonder if it’s my fault because I never seem to do anything right.”

Pray for such situations and that people may appreciate how important family life is. Sadly, for many children, family life seems fragmented, chaotic, uncaring and sometimes filled with arguments and aggression. Pray that they may experience harmony, and where they feel ignored or unwanted that they may experience togetherness and love.