Fegans hopes for the future

Recently the NUT published a survey reporting that a staggering 80% of teachers* regularly fed children in their class. A local school provides showers for some of its children and clothes them from lost property.  A special educational needs coordinator has asked teachers to put their hand on children’s shoulders when they come in, since for some it is the only human contact they will receive.

So the call to spend time with children is a critical one. To be clear this is not a call for mum or dad to stop working.  It’s about taking a little time each week to play games with our children, go for walks with them, praise them, listen to them, understand them.

This time is so, so precious to our children’s mental health, resilience and future life prospects, the value of which is too important to be ignored.  Fegans is a Christian organisation. To us the cry for justice is a deeply motivating one…and in our next issue we will summarise this series on the issues facing this generation and what Fegans is planning to do about it.

If you would like to understand more about how you can get involved for the fight of our children’s lives, please contact me.

Ian Soars

* YouGov poll 2016