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Last year Fegans invested over £400,000 of our financial reserves to support children who have nowhere else to turn. We have seen lives transformed dramatically, like Becky’s*. We have now reached deep into our reserves and are in God’s hands and we trust His provision.

Set against that backdrop is a story of hope and growth…of lives transformed. This is why we believe that our nation needs us; we do work that hardly anyone, secular or Christian, can or wants to do…and we do it based in local churches and schools with a heart to reach the whole Nation.

Our eyes are fixed on Jesus as we obediently step into what we believe He has asked us to do…to reach the children who are so hurt and vulnerable and have given up hope.

The children who self-harm, who are depressed, neglected, abused, traumatised, self-hating and bullied. We see 400 of these children every week, but our God given vision is to reach them all, and we can, with your help.

Paul writes about the privilege of being able to give into mission. We know that the work we do with children is complex and requires years of training and outstanding clinical governance. We also know that for us to do this successfully everyone has a part to play. We can do our bit but we need people to support our mission, to join us on the battle field of the children’s pain we see every day.

Ultimately the suffering we work with breaks our hearts, and often moves us to tears. But for me every tear is a call to prayer that God will preserve us as we serve the most hurting group of people in our country.

As you watch the news reporting how social media and hostile family breakdown is destroying a generation of children’s lives, I pray that you remember that Fegans is working in the midst of that pain. Please join us in any way you can. Don’t give up hope on these children.

Something can be done.

Fegans is doing it.

Join with us.

Ian Soars

Fegans’ CEO

*see case study here

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Together with our supporters Fegans' help vulnerable families through our Parent Support and Counselling every day. Together we can transform the nation.

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