Fegans’ Progress

At Fegans our professional therapists work with children and families to transform lives; from pain and trauma to peace and joy. Our recent parenting programmes provided outstanding results.

100% of the last 30 families we worked with increased in wellbeing by an average of over 50%*

We are pleased to see that the number of children we are able to support in schools continues to increase term by term. But perhaps most encouraging of all are the finances; whilst they are yet to be audited we are already able to thank God for His incredible provision, and every donor for your generosity.

In the coming year, we will focus on heavily investing into the communities in which we work; enabling us to therapeutically engage with a further 100 children a week. We aim to triple our parenting programmes in partnership with Early Help teams and local churches, and establish new teams into new counties. None of this is possible without you, our partners in finances, prayer and volunteering…and so we remain grateful for your continued generosity and belief in the work that we do.

*Based on self-assesment survey completed by parents