Case Study

Leonie Vickers is a mother of three, and last year was struggling to cope with her eldest daughter’s extreme anxiety. Her daughter’s distress meant she wouldn’t go to bed, would have tantrums, and would have to be forced to go to school. “I had tried so many different strategies to reduce the anxiety but nothing was working. I was at my wits’ end.” says Leonie.

It was then that Early Help referred Leonie to a parenting course run by Fegans, which turned Leonie’s family life around.

“What a difference Fegans made to my life and my family,” she continues: “The course taught me how to play and interact with my children in a child led manner, how to differentiate between tantrums and meltdowns. It taught me patience, boundaries, and, above all, how to communicate effectively for the best results.”

“It has completely changed my life for the better. It’s not only reduced the anxiety, but it’s stopped all the meltdowns and my house is so peaceful.”  Due to the incredible impact Fegans’ parenting support has had on Leonie’s life, she was inspired to become a Parent Support Worker, working with other families to bring about positive change.

“I want to give other parents the opportunity that I had to make everything better.”

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