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Bereavement and Loss

Losing someone or something we love and feel close to is extremely difficult and painful.
How a child grieves is vital to their immediate and long-term future.

Dad.Info Forum, owned by Fegans, has set up a dedicated forum to help parents.
Just ask any question about family life - and our Parents Support Workers will do their best to answer.

Emerging from Lockdown

We have gained insight and can feel proud of how much we have adapted and evolved. By seeing this pandemic as a wake-up call to the planet and its inhabitants, we can celebrate our change, growth and innovation as a species.

Boredom Busters

Keep the kids from getting bored with these fun activities, crafts, recipes and games. Come here anytime the kids need something to do, and bust that boredom!

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How to 'Virtual Fundraise'

Like many charities in the UK, Fegans' resources were severely impacted by the lack of fundraising opportunities during the lockdown. What kind of fundraising can you take part in now?

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Together with our supporters Fegans’ help vulnerable families through our Parent Support and Counselling every day. Together we can transform the nation.

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