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Fegans’ fully qualified counsellors are all registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. We have developed a delivery model which releases qualified counsellors into schools within a rigorous regulatory, safeguarding and financial framework.


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Please send your completed application form to tia.barham@fegans.org.uk or by post to:

Tia Barham, Fegans, 160 St James Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2HE


For more information see below or email:  tia.barham@fegans.org.uk

Working with Fegans

Fegans’ counsellors are recruited by our Growth Team, who will endeavour to place you with schools close to your home town. Therefore a real desire to make a difference to your local community is a pre-requisite as you may not live and work close to a Fegans office.


We ask our counsellors to provide at least 5 hours of counselling time each week to schools on a term-time only basis. We contact and contract with schools for you and the hours may be split over 2 or 3 schools dependent on local need, so with training days and supervision included this will average 6-7 hours per week over the 39 week period.

What does Fegans look for in a counsellor?

Fully qualified counsellors (diploma level or above) from a BACP accredited college or with a Certificate of Proficiency from the BACP. We ask for over 200 hours of counselling practice and that you are either BACP accredited or working towards accreditation. We expect the highest professional standards to be maintained at all times, a high level of commitment to maintaining both the BACP’s and our professional standards and, of course, strict adherence to our comprehensive safeguarding policy and procedures.


Even though many of our new counsellors work remotely we are passionate about creating a united culture and support network for our staff. Our aim is that you will never feel detached or alone, with regular phone calls, responsive management and a fantastic safeguarding covering.


Package Details


  • Counsellor pay rate to £13.77 + £1.73 per hour holiday  = £15.50
  • Access to 6 free CPD Fegans training days per year, of which you will be paid to attend up to 4, in proportion to your hours worked.
  • Your BACP fees paid.
  • One annual Fegans staff day, paid.
  • One hour’s supervision fortnightly or one and a half hour’s supervision monthly during term time. The full supervision cost and your attendance time is covered.
  • Your local schools found, contacted, contracted with on your behalf
  • Ongoing contact and support from the Fegans team.
  • Encouragement to go forward for accreditation and supervision training, when suitably experienced. For BACP accreditation your first submission fee will be paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I specialise in primary or secondary schools?

Ideally we would like people to be able to work in both primary and secondary. However, depending on local need we will endeavour to accommodate your preferences.


What if there aren’t five hours available locally straight away?

Counsellors may start their contract on fewer hours but we will aim to increase your hours as fast as possible.


I have no experience of counselling children. Can I still participate?

Unfortunately not, however there are some options available to you should you wish to begin counselling children.

  1. We run a week-long children’s counselling course which you can book on to attend. (www.fegans.org.uk/training)
  2. Look in to completing a placement with another organisation counselling children to gain experience before applying to Fegans.

Once you have completed either of these options, we would then welcome an application from you and would hope to progress you to interview stage.

Do I need to be able to drive?

Whilst we attempt to find schools as close to you as possible there is inevitably travel involved. Therefore, being able to drive is ideal. However, if you cannot drive you need to be able to make your way to the various schools you are placed in.

Is my travel paid for?

The mileage to and from your first and last locations of the day will be viewed as your ordinary commute, and as such are not claimed for on expenses. However, any mileage between locations during the day can be claimed at the agreed mileage rate. If you are asked to travel more than 15 miles any mileage above 15 miles is claimable even if it is the first or last location of the day.

Is my time spent purely in counselling?

No, alongside the counselling there will be other expectations on your time such as supervision and training. You are also expected to be available to your line manager for an induction, appraisals and occasional phone calls and team meetings.


What will I be contracted for?

You will be contracted for the number of hours you spend in counselling. Additional commitments such as supervision, training and appraisals, will be claimed on top of these hours. We anticipate that for every 5 hours counselling, you will average no more than 1-2 hours non-counselling work per week over the yearly 39-week term-time only period.


What happens if I have a Safeguarding issue?

Fegans provides comprehensive, expert support for any safeguarding matters. Our responsive safeguarding team are always on hand to give you guidance on issues that arise. They will then walk with you through subsequent steps and processes.

What is the training provision?

Fegans provide a comprehensive CPD diary of 6 training days per year, offering a total of 36 hours CPD, which exceeds the BACP requirement of 30 hours annually. These are all free for Fegans staff to attend. If you are contracted for under 10 hours you can claim time and travel expenses for two of these days. If you are contracted for 10 or more hours, you can claim time and travel expenses for four of these days.

This job is term-time only. Do I get paid in the holidays?

Your contract hours will be equalised. This means that they will be spread across the year so that you get paid during the holidays. Overtime hours are not equalised and will be paid the month after they have been claimed.


I am a supervisor/trainer. Does Fegans need those kind of services?

Very, very much so. However, our supervisors must have experience of counselling children in order to be able to supervise this work.


Must I be a Christian to work for Fegans?

No. As a Christian organisation, Fegans does not evangelise but we are motivated by Christian faith. It would be important to understand, respect and support our Christian culture.



How will my days working for Fegans be structured?

Schools contract with Fegans for a morning (3 hours), an afternoon (2 hours) or a whole day (5 hours), so you may be asked to travel from one school to another after the morning session. We try to group schools as close together geographically as possible to minimise your travelling time.

Counselling sessions are usually 35 minutes for each client in primary schools and 40 minutes for secondary schools. Each counselling session allows an extra 5 minutes for brief note taking. This may vary slightly according to the timetables of each school.


How much supervision will I receive?

Fegans counsellors are required to have a minimum of 1.5 hours of supervision per calendar month for every month in which clients are seen. This is regardless of and in addition to any other supervision that the counsellor has for any other organisation or for private practice clients.

Supervision is offered either monthly for 1.5 hours, or fortnightly for 1 hour. For the fortnightly option one of the hours will be individual supervision. We then encourage the alternate hour, where possible, to be shared with another Fegans’ counsellor. This enables you to build relationship with your colleagues and to offer each other support.

For more information see below or email:  tia.barham@fegans.org.uk