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As you may know, every year Fegans supports hundreds of parents who are struggling.  Right now many, many more are coming to us. And it is the mums who are bearing some of the heaviest burdens.


“Home schooling has affected my ability to do my job”, say 80% of Mums, with 54% having to fit in their work at weekends*. Parents need our care and support now more than even.


88% of Mums said they lost sleep due to worry during lockdown*. We can ease their worries and help parents deal with the issues that are concerning them.



Our trained Parent Support Workers work with mums every day. They support families and help them find happiness and rediscover hope.  They offer emotional support for parents struggling with their mental health:


‘I hated my kids seeing me in such a state, I knew I couldn’t be the mum they needed me to be until I got help.’ 


Your gifts are invaluable, they change lives.


So, thank you for helping us relieve the stresses brought on by the pandemic, to bring emotional freedom to so many mums. Thank you for helping our Parent Support Workers to be at a safe ‘social distance’ but also give real personal, ‘close’ and heart-felt care.



We asked some mums we work with about how they have been dealing with parenting throughout the pandemic. From their homes during lockdown, they kindly shared their experiences with us including their advice to others. To view clips, click on the below images…








Your kind gift will help a struggling mum rise above the impact of lockdown, helping her whole family to thrive.