Chelin Miller – 14th June 2016

What makes a good dad?

With Father’s Day coming up soon, many children are getting their cards, crafts and gifts ready for Sunday.

But being a good dad takes more than simply giving piggy back rides or playing football in the garden. Here’s a list, compiled by Braun after researching 1,500 children aged between five and 18.

1. Makes you feel special and loved

2.  Is hard working

3. Helps with homework

4. Is patient and kind

5. Spends more time with family than mates

6. Gives great hugs

7. Stays calm

8. Treats mum with respect

9. Is not embarrassed to say ‘I love you’

10. Is cool with your friends

11. Tells good jokes

12. Is a safe driver

13. Teaches you to ride a bike

14. Able to join in sports games

15. Doesn’t dress embarrassingly

16. Never undermines Mum

17. Sets a great example in all things

18. Shares all responsibilities

19. Reads bedtime stories

20. Is happy to be the butt of family jokes

21. Teaches you how to be good with money

22. Cooks up a great barbecue

23. Can put up a shelf

24. Gives regular kisses

25. Always on the other end of the phone

26. Plays football with you

27. Can change a tyre

28. Is not over-protective

29. Can get to locations without using SatNav

30. Can cook the perfect steak

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