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Welcome to Fegans Training. Our informative and affordable training benefits a range of professionals that support families and young children, including counsellors, teachers, social workers, refuge works, foster and adoption parents, and family support workers. Occasionally, specific topics or approaches may mean that the training is only suitable for delegates working within a therapeutic environment.

All workshops will take place on Zoom until further notice.

Do please contact us for more specific details, if needed.


  • Julie Buckroyd - Working Therapeutically with Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders

    12 November & 26 November 2021 - 9.30am to 12.30pm


    This workshop offers a general introduction to working with clients in this area. It aims to offer a conceptual framework for understanding the misuse of food, using attachment theory, and then to offer a wide range of strategies for working with clients. Central areas for consideration include, emotional language, attachment history, self esteem, body esteem and identity, relationships and self soothing. The workshop is active and interactive; participants should be willing to reflect on their own eating behaviour and attachment history as well as that of their clients.

    Julia Buckroyd is Emeritus Professor of Counselling at the University of Hertfordshire and a therapist in private practice, specialising in working with people with all sorts of problems with food, weight, shape and size. She is particularly interested in the meaning and function of the manipulation of food and looks for triggers to episodes of food misuse. She believes that clients are unlikely to abandon their eating habits unless they learn alternative means of life management and so focuses on helping clients develop better means of emotional regulation.

  • Tracy Bennett - Exploring Resilience in Children and the Importance of Parental Wellbeing

    28 January 2022 - 9.30am to 4.30pm


    Tracy Bennett is an independent social worker with over 22 years of experience supporting both birth and foster families and their children. She specialises in equipping caregivers whose children are affected by Developmental Trauma with the tools to effectively support their children.

    Underpinned by extensive research in the fields of Attachment and Neuroscience, this course provides valuable insight into the key factors which enable children to develop resilience and those factors which increase their vulnerability. Exploring the incredible plasticity of the brain and the way it develops rapidly throughout childhood, shaped by relational and environmental factors, this course considers how participants can support children and their families and increase their individual and collective resilience. It introduces the PACE Model by Dr Daniel Hughes as an effective way of connecting with children and families affected by trauma to strengthen the parent/child bond and build children’s resilience.

  • Papyrus - Suicide Prevention Part 1

    11 March 2022 - 9.30am to 11am


    This Education and Training programme equips individuals, groups and organisations with the knowledge and skills to better understand suicide and suicide prevention. Through presentations, tutorials and training products PAPYRUS support communities to become suicide safer.

    SP-OT - Suicide Prevention - Overview Tutorial
    Key Objectives:
    · To understand the prevalence and impact of suicide.
    · To explore the language, and the challenges, when talking openly about suicide.
    · To recognise the ‘signs’ that may indicate someone is having thoughts of suicide
    · To consider how we can all contribute to a suicide safer community.

  • Papyrus - Suicide Prevention Part 2

    25 March 2022 - 9.30am to 1pm


    SP-EAK - Suicide Prevention - Explore, Ask, Keep-Safe
    An Introduction to Suicide Prevention skills

    Key Objectives:
    · To consider the attitudes, myths and stigma that surround suicide.
    · To recognise and explore the ‘signs’ that may indicate someone is having thoughts of suicide.
    · To encourage an open, safe and sensitive conversation about suicide with a person having thoughts of suicide.
    · To support a safety plan with someone thinking of suicide

  • Christiane Sanderson - Domestic Violence

    May 2022 tbc

  • Foundations of Mental Health for Schools

    After working with many children, parents and schools to help those children who are struggling in mainstream education, Fegans and Schudio have put together this FREE course in order to aid teachers educate children that may be experiencing difficulties within the education system.

    -Includes an introduction to Attachment Theory
    -Includes how children's brains are affected by early trauma
    -Will help teachers to understand the reason behind the presenting problems
    -Practical advice to help teachers and children within school
    -Help teachers understand different issues facing young children in education
    -Advice to avoid teacher burnout in a busy school

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After four training days with Fegans, I feel like I really know what I’m getting. They are really good days, with very strong teaching. Thank you.

Feedback from attendee, Fegans’ Training

An excellent mix of theory, practice, interaction, and real life examples which has led to me feeling well equipped to launch out and work in a child-led way. Also excellent and very detailed notes were provided.

Feedback from attendee, Fegans’ Training

The combination of theory and opportunity to experience role play and practice for me was very helpful. Open discussion within the group and time to process was also really helpful. There was plenty of time and it was not rushed.

Feedback from attendee, Fegans’ Training

The content was very comprehensive; there was an appreciation for, and a building on the skills I already have.

Feedback from attendee, Fegans’ Training

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