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Welcome to Fegans Training. Our informative and affordable training benefits a range of professionals that support families and young children, including counsellors, teachers, social workers, refuge works, foster and adoption parents, and family support workers. Occasionally, specific topics or approaches may mean that the training is only suitable for delegates working within a therapeutic environment.

All workshops will take place on Zoom until further notice.

Do please contact us for more specific details, if needed.


  • Safeguarding.

    25th September, 9.30am-1pm

    With Esther Green (ref: SGJ20) £69

    via Zoom

    We all have responsibilities when it comes to safeguarding children, particularly in these incredibly challenging times. This live & interactive online training course will give a practical overview of what you need to know should you have concerns about a child’s well-being or safety in your day to day work.

    The training will include an update on safeguarding & child protection legislation and guidance, as well as reflection on possible current case scenarios and practical examples. The aim is for this training to give all participants an increased understanding of their safeguarding responsibilities in the workplace as well as highlighting some useful tools and resources.

    Esther is currently an Independent Social Worker and Fegans' Safeguarding Lead. Prior to this Esther was a Local Authority Children and Families Social Worker and Senior Practitioner and has extensive experience in child protection investigation and parenting risk assessment.

    Esther has facilitated multi-agency safeguarding training across many agencies including education, early years and health services and in recent years Esther has also been offering consultancy and advice on safeguarding and child protection issues, alongside her role as an ISW.

  • Introduction to Trauma Work: An Integrative-embodied Approach

    11th September 2020, 9.30 - 4.30pm

    With Morit Heitzler (ref: MHM20) £69

    Via Zoom

    During this Fegans course, Morit will cover: What is trauma - definition and formation of trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD.
    Neurobiology of trauma - How the brain and nervous system function during/after traumatic event(s).
    Different types of trauma; what are the differentiating factors and what do they have in common?
    Self regulation (body/mind) during and after trauma.
    Re-traumatisation: causes and triggers, and the implications for therapeutic work.
    Trauma in the therapy room- How can body psychotherapy address some of the challenges and obstacles?
    Trauma and containment- how do we set some healthy boundaries?

  • Four Generations in the Room: the Aims of Attachment-Based Therapy with Individual Adults

    13th November 2020, 9.30-12.30pm
    27th November 2020, 9.30-12.30pm

    With Linda Cundy (ref: LCM20) £69 (for both sessions)

    Via Zoom

    The aim of attachment-informed therapy is to help our clients develop more secure relationships – with their partners, families, colleagues, and with themselves. Becoming more resilient, less anxious, chaotic, or rigidly defended also has positive implications for their children. It is an inter-generational model.

    This training will outlines the features of secure attachment that therapy can promote, and will propose particular areas of focus when working with individuals who are anxiously preoccupied, avoidant, or chaotic. It will also draw on research indicating that people who “earn” security through psychotherapy have advantages, particularly as parents, over those who have not faced adversity and have taken their own security for granted.

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After four training days with Fegans, I feel like I really know what I’m getting. They are really good days, with very strong teaching. Thank you.

Feedback from attendee, Fegans’ Training

An excellent mix of theory, practice, interaction, and real life examples which has led to me feeling well equipped to launch out and work in a child-led way. Also excellent and very detailed notes were provided.

Feedback from attendee, Fegans’ Training

The combination of theory and opportunity to experience role play and practice for me was very helpful. Open discussion within the group and time to process was also really helpful. There was plenty of time and it was not rushed.

Feedback from attendee, Fegans’ Training

The content was very comprehensive; there was an appreciation for, and a building on the skills I already have.

Feedback from attendee, Fegans’ Training

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