Ann-Marie Fisher – 26th September 2016


The Teenage years ~ don’t just survive, thrive!

President Clinton famously said “I can deal with Bosnia, I can deal with Saddam Hussein, but I’m not sure if I am ready to deal with a teenager”. I think we can all feel like this at times. Many parents of teenagers attempt to merely survive; the strops and the silence, the hormones and the anger, it really does seem to be true that the bigger the child the bigger the worry.

Having worked with children and families for over 145 years, Fegans certainly understands the pressures of parenthood and childhood and the conflict that this can bring.  This local Christian charity currently provides qualified counselling to children alongside professional support to parents.  “So many parents are struggling to understand their teenagers’ behaviour. The current generation are facing increasing pressures, heightened by the digital world in which we live. Parents often want to help and support their teens through this challenging time, but are not always sure of the best way forward.”  (Parent support worker, Fegans)

This is why Fegans are offering a free talk, encouraging both parents and teens not just survive, but thrive during this precious time of development. Fegans’ counsellors spend many hours with struggling teens; common issues of bullying and family breakdown can result in aggressive behaviour, withdrawal or self-harm.  Equally Fegans’ parent support workers help many parents rebuild broken family relationships.

“A lot of our work is about fixing problems, but we would also love to help prevent them happening in the first place.”  (CEO of Fegans).  At 7.30-9pm on Friday 18 November at St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks, a Fegans’ counsellor and a Fegans’ parent worker will join forces to deliver an honest, informative insight into teenagers and their development, offering practical advice for developing and maintaining positive healthy relationship with teens.

The event is free of charge but spaces are limited. To register a place or find out more, you can email Jo Wild at  For more information about Fegans charity and how they help local families visit their website