Mental Health Survey 2018

Fegans’ are dedicated to making a change in the lives of children and families suffering due to the effects of mental ill-health. Since February this year Fegans have been running an on-going mental health survey, asking members of the public in Kent how they feel about the mental health issues surrounding young people and their families. The results have been incredibly insightful, and Fegans uses information like this to help craft our services and communications

Why do you think mental health issues are so prevalent now? 82 % of those questioned said social media
What do you think could be done to improve the situation? 79 % of those questioned said parental education and support
What do you think you could do to make a positive difference to your own, your family's or your community's mental health? 58 % learn more about mental health illness

Despite doubling the number of counselling sessions Fegans provides for children in schools and its centres over the past two years, demand for its services continues to rise and the charity is constantly recruiting more counsellors. This is reflective of the national picture, with Public Health England reporting that only 25% of children needing professional therapeutic support actually receive it.

Why are mental health issues more prevalent today?


Social media – 82%

Increased academic pressure – 72%

Better understanding of mental health – 56%

Family breakdown – 44%


What can be done about it?


Parental education and support – 79%

Investment in education around mental health issues – 76%

Increased government funding to deal with mental health in children & young people – 74%

Greater online restrictions and safeguarding – 49% Flexible working in organisations – 33%

What do you think you could do to make a positive difference to your own, your family’s or your community’s mental health?


Learn more about mental health illness – 58%

Schedule “me-time” – 55%

Play more with my children/grandchildren – 51%

Make time for a struggling parent – 38%

Reach out to a lonely neighbour – 34%

Attend a parenting talk – 34%

Support a mental health charity – 33%


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