By Maxine, one of our Parent Support Workers – 15th July 2015

Alison, who I have just finished working with has given me permission to share her story:

I met a really special lady at one of our Strengthening Families parenting programmes.  Alison had been through a very traumatic year; finding out that the person she had loved so dearly had betrayed her trust and that of her whole family.  Her husband was now spending time in prison and she was left with the aftermath of this, having to support her children through his punishment for this serious crime and get used to becoming a single mother with 4 children.

After several sessions on our parenting group and with the support of other members, and the amazing support worker that she had, counselling was put in place for one of her children and Alison was given the opportunity to go to college, which was encouraged by her older children. It became abundantly clear that she was beginning a new phase of her journey.

Alison started back at college and retook her Maths and English, she messaged me in the half term week to say that she had passed her English and will soon be taking her Maths exam.  She is in such a good place now and she took so much out of the parenting group that she is now a confident, happy mother: the children are listening to her and sticking to the household rules, she is hoping to move and have a fresh start and there is a prospect of starting a new career once finishing college.

It is working with people like Alison and so many others that I have come across in my time as a facilitator that makes my job so rewarding and satisfying.