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It’s been a while since I’ve written a ‘Linden’s Travels’ article but I’ve still been out and about visiting the various Fegans’ teams and centres which is always a joy and privilege. I’ve been struck recently by the resilience and determination of our staff who have coped incredibly well over the past six months or so with huge upheavals in the various buildings we operate out of.

Our Lambeth team found themselves under water when their office was flooded, the team in Thanet have moved wholesale into a new building, the West Kent Team are feeling increasingly Sardine-like as we squeeze more and more people into the building, and I will never forget the morning that I turned up to meet with Maggie at our Heathfield base to find her standing in a half-demolished building!! Although we knew we had to vacate this property, the demolition had begun several weeks before we had expected it to and this left us in a very difficult position.

Despite the upheaval and sometimes unexpected turn of events, I have seen our teams remain positive and adapt to new patterns of working, ensuring the needs of our clients continue to be met. So, thank you all for persevering under what has been challenging times with regard to our premises and please be assured that we continue to look at how best we can accommodate our teams and provide suitable space for the fantastic work that you do.

Linden Sanders



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