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Have you ever heard the phrase ‘content is king’?  Well it certainly is in the world of marketing and communication, particularly when trying to engage with new audiences.

One of Fegans’ main objectives is to raise funds to enable us to support more children and families. The communication and fundraising team work together to try and make this happen using engaging articles, case studies and parenting tips to attract media and supporter interest and help individuals and trusts to understand the value of our work and donate to us.

You can help us achieve this essential goal by sending us content.  In the last few weeks we have received two case studies and have received support in writing two articles.  Thank you, your contributions have been invaluable to us and we are working hard to make the most from this.

However, the more content we have the more effectively we can engage our supporters; existing and new.

Can you send us a short, anonymised vignette of one of your clients stories that we can use in a fundraising appeal or thank you letter?  Are you particularly passionate about any therapeutic topics? Your professional insight could be used in press releases to help us raise the profile of Fegans and the issues we deal with. 

Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Please email annmarie.fisher@fegans.org.uk with any content ideas or contributions.

By Ann-Marie Fisher


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