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The End of an Era

We closed the door to our Heathfield office on Saturday 24th September, well technically Thursday, as when I arrived on Saturday morning, our office space as we knew it no longer existed!

The builder had already knocked through all the walls from the office to the counselling rooms and into the shared kitchen, leaving one large room. The range of emotions that I experienced when I walked into the building went from great sadness, anger and then to feeling a huge sense of relief to be finally out of a building that for some time hadn’t been fit for purpose.

I would like to be able to say that the move from the office was a happy, sedate and smooth move, sadly not. It was quite an abrupt, distressing move, this was mainly due to the destructive actions of overzealous workmen.

We are not homeless I do hasten to add, we have a room in Eastbourne, that to some degree is our main office, the use of two rooms at Gateway Christian Church free of charge, and also a room at Horam Chapel. I praise God that through all the upheaval, disruption and the total devastation caused, He has been alongside me constantly, carrying me when I felt weary, guiding me when I felt at a dead-end, bringing the right people at the right time across my path, and being my support when I felt a lone, He shouldered my burdens, and was my encouragement to keep going.

Whilst we have moved out of Heathfield we are in the next village and will continue to see clients there, we will continue to be used by the Lord, and I give thanks that we are able to be homed within a Church, to be part of their family.

The most important lesson I have learnt from this move is that even though I felt I couldn’t see God’s hand at work, He was there working in the background, and at the right time He revealed His plans. We live in an instant world and I confess that at times I get impatient when things don’t move at the pace I would like them to move, God’s timing is PERFECT.

I praise God for ALL His provision, for His unfailing unconditional Love.

Maggie Phillips Counsellor –  East Sussex Area Manager

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