Staff Day

Last month we celebrated the Fegans’ annual staff day at the beautiful Hall Place in Dartford.  It was a wonderful occasion to meet colleagues old and new, and build on our strength as a growing Christian charity.   

For those who could not make it, the day started off with a mixture of prayer, readings, music and film to emphasise the theme of us as a Fegans’ family.  Highlights included hearing from the area managers, Maggie Phillips recognition for 30 years service, as well as wonderful insights from Fegans’ staff on what this family means to them.

After lunch, departments gathered in groups to discuss ways of working, including positive practices we already achieve, and how we can grow working together going forward.  It was an especially helpful exercise to bring counsellors who work ‘out in the field’ together to meet and share ideas.

The day finished with the opportunity for anointment, and various calming and thoughtful activities such as prayer requests, and mindful colouring in.

Jennie Worthley says: “Our staff day in April was such a brilliant day. It was wonderful to be able to thank everyone for all their hard work and to express how much we all need each other. My favourite part of the day was seeing people who wouldn’t usually get a chance to meet each other chatting away as they drank tea or did some colouring in!”

As we mingled at the end we all received a personalised flower from Jennie, this was the final touch in what I’m sure we can all agree was a very motivating and heart-warming day.  Many thanks to Jennie and all the team for providing us all with this opportunity to come together on this special day.

Here are a few quotes from attendees.

 “There was quite a bit of time spent on team work – really important with so many remote workers….thank you for such an amazing day.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed our staff day, I really enjoyed the ‘topic focus’ about us joined as one family as it made me feel as an equal…all in all it was a lovely day spent with lovely people. Thankyou”

  “It was a very well balanced day, plenty of time to meet new and old friends… and good spiritual feeding and updates on Fegans.  It was really wonderful and I came away feeling very uplifted, encouraged and once again, blessed to be part of a very special organisation.”

 “Absolutely wonderful day – loved every minute of my first Fegans staff day! It was wonderful to see so many people there altogether and I met and exceeded the challenge of speaking to more than two new people too. Can’t wait for the next one – no pressure, but I can’t see how you can improve on this one, it was fab!”

“I thought the focus of the day reminding us and celebrating that we are a team and family was just what we need at this time. The creative/interactive activities in the afternoon and opportunities to talk with each other, particularly colleagues I had not met before was great.”

“I felt like I was among family, I felt so much warmth emanating from everyone there.  What a true blessing, and I can’t wait for the next one!”

“Thank you so much for organising such a fabulous staff day. I felt that it gave us time to “just be” to step away from the hustle and bustle of our working life and to just enjoy being with each other. To have that time to recharge our batteries, the feeling of being held, valued and cared for, the venue was amazing.”

“Good location and easy to get to.  The content of the day was very good as it struck a balance between presented content from the front, time in teams, time to mingle and socialise, and time to reflect and respond.  Great job Jennie!”

See below for some snaps of a wonderful day!


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