CEO Update 

Thank you so everyone who came to the staff day, the feedback has been wonderful (apart from the food….we have heard you!) and Jennie will shortly process some the response so that we can continue to make it a great experience. 75 people came (which we think is a record) and heard that our strategy for the coming year is…love. As teams gathered together and considered how we do this the answers were as diverse as they were precious. Fegans’ Angels is launched, teams agreeing to fit regular socials in their schedules, as well as mini support groups for remote counsellors. My highlight of the day was the Area Managers updates, they were open, honest, hopeful and grateful for their teams. I also liked the anointing corner, I really received from that. 

SPEAKERS! Jo, Ann-Marie, Liz and I have been overwhelmed by the response to the events we have been putting on, so much so that we are now actively looking for people who would welcome the chance to share their expertise or experiences with Parents who need comfort, reassurance, insights and some top tips. We are now being approached to do more of these events and I see them as a key part of Fegans contribution to our community as well as raising the profile of what we do. If you are interested in understanding more about this and I would love to share with you how these events work and how you can become part of our team.   

We are launching our new fundraising strategy over the coming months. At present the income for parenting and counselling covers their direct costs including salaries, BACP, supervision, training and travel, contributes part of the cost of safeguarding, insurances and the buildings/rent where the counselling takes place, but does not contribute to other central costs.  It may surprise you to know that the money we charge goes entirely on delivering the services even in schools based counselling. Included in this income are bursary grants to subsidise the in house counselling and parent support grants. Buttons because of the way they are funded through the local authority early years grant covers all its costs and makes a contribution towards central costs as well. Fegans has some precious donors who already contribute towards central costs, but we need to see this income stream increase. So we are prioritising fundraising to ensure that all the costs associated with safeguarding, HR, Finance and so on are raised by me and Ann-Marie’s team. Please continue to pray for us!

 With regard to the sponsored event fundraising strategy I think they need to more than wash its face otherwise the donors are just paying for the team to do “fun” things.  The bar above the cost of the event I think needs to be reasonably high. If you have any ideas or insights please feed through to your Area Managers and Linden, or me if it’s really curve ball! We are always looking to improve what we do and deepen the quality of the services we provide.

 As I write Liz is leading a training course on the effective delivery of children’s therapy. Liz is precious to Fegans and I am sorry to announce that she has taken up the CEO post with the Counselling Centre in Tunbridge Wells, but I am thrilled for her and how the two organisations could work together in West Kent. 

Jane Williams, her team and I rocked up to Portsmouth last weekend to abseil down the Spinnaker (no, none of us are sure how we ended up doing it ether) although it was postponed due to bad weather we plan to do it in the holidays. Jane is also already planning a parachute jump for our next adventure…interested? Join us! Also, I commit to join any employee of Fegans on any fundraising activity they organise…as well as dong my own….so I’ll do anything you will…what’s the worst that could happen? (Did someone say the NUTS challenge?) 

You already know this year has been a wonderful one of growth, but also of challenge. So let us commit to care, love and show each other compassion as we serve the communities we find ourselves it. The calling that we all share is a stunning, life altering one. I am so proud being part of it with you all. I love hearing from you, your experiences and insights, it’s so wonderful to do this as a team, even when we can’t be in the same place together. I pray every blessing of joy and peace on you all, 




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