As a single mother, working for Fegans, I am in the privileged position of working term times only. I can drop off my children at school, and pick them up, this really is a wonderful thing to be able to do, and I realise how lucky I am to work for a ‘family first’ organisation.

However getting here hasn’t been without its challenges. My ex-partner encouraged me to go back to work full time to ease the pressure financially. However we already miss him from the home, the children and I, our separation has already caused a loss for the family. And then for the children to then go home with a childminder and have no life after school with me would feel too detrimental to our stability. We agreed part-time would be best for the children, and he is supporting me in that, however others aren’t so lucky.

As a parent I want to not only tell my children about the importance of family, and family time, something I hold dear to my heart, but to show them. I will show them by being with them when I can, doing fun, but also mundane things with them. Making a mess, getting cosy, arguing and laughing. I want them to prioritise the same things when they are adults, because I know of the joy it can bring. But being at home looking after the children is very hard if you are not supported by the workplace.

If the government can support single parents in the quest for family time, organisations such as Fegans will have an easier time of supporting children, parents and solid family life going forward.


Fegans’ office worker

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  1. I whole heartedly agree with you Elizabeth, at the end of the day the happiness and welfare of our children is everything. I have been a single parent now for 11 1/2 years, and although it has been a real struggle at times, I wouldn’t change a single moment that I have shared with my children. Fegans’ has given me the opportunity to work with the most fantastic people I have ever met and still be able to spend evenings, weekends and holidays with my children. What more could I ask for?