Last week the BBC published a frank account of a secondary school teachers’ experience with teenage sexual activity, as well as parents responses to the article.  Today another news story has been published announcing a marked increase in child-on-child sex offenses.
Fegans shares every parent’s heartbreak when we hear stories such as this. There are many issue at play here and no easy solutions but we would urge parents firstly to take responsibility for teaching your children about sex, consent, self respect and the right to say no. Secondly the BBC article focusses on teaching girls how not to be coerced…but parents should be very proactive in teaching boys not to coerce in the first place. We can’t put this all on very young women to say no to coercion…we should stop it at source. And for those parents who dismiss this as ‘boys will be boys’ it is worth considering that there is no clear boundary between coercion and rape…our sons need to understand coercion is violent, bullying and arguably illegal.
If we shy away from teaching these fundamental principles of humanity to our children others will step in. This article highlights how the pornography industry is influencing our nation’s sons and daughters about what is expected from sex at a very very young age…and it’s horrific. Young teens are being body shamed, sexually coerced, shamed into extreme body grooming and deeply, deeply hurt.
We strongly endorse speaking to your children about sex in the context of a loving relationship and taking a zero tolerance on pornography. Please explain consent, self respect and self worth to your sons and daughters and join us in supporting campaigns to restrict the ability of the porn industry to so easily reach our children’s phones, understanding and minds.
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