Roy Bellingham

Roy Maurice Bellingham (number 53)

Until 2005, Roy was under the impression, that after the closure of Fegans Homes a few decades ago, the organisation was no longer in existence. At this point he obtained his papers which were held at Fegans and learned a lot about his past.

Something all Fegans boys seem to remember clearly is their ‘number’. Roy was No 53. He was born on November 9th, 1934 in Croydon, Surrey and despite his time in Fegans at Stony Stratford, (Dec 1945 – July 1948), he returned to and still lives in Croydon, South London.

Only child Roy, found himself in the care of Fegans following the break up of his parents’ marriage. This he puts down to two issues; the War and his father’s constant telling of lies.

He recalls little of his time at Fegans, but does remember Captain Flood.

Unlike many of the boys, Roy did not move onto the Training Farm, instead he went straight to work. He tells of many jobs he had: working on the railway, a time in the Army, working on the docks. An obvious lover of early mornings he also spent time as a milkman and working for the Post Office, until he retired.

He married in 1958 in Croydon, and sadly, was widowed in 2010. He has two children.

Roy M. Bellingham

(June, 2016)