Fegans is delighted to announce the acquisition of the UK’s largest website aimed at Dads. The current owners, the Family Matters Institute (FMI) have done an incredible job of building DAD.info into a powerhouse of information and resources for Fathers. 


The site is viewed over 750,000 times per year, has a forum of over 33,000 and a newsletter that goes out fortnightly to 12,000 people.


We believe that Fegans’ clinical expertise in counselling, and parenting, matched with dad.info’s scale and reach represents an incredible opportunity for Fegans. Together we can translate that clinical credibility into a voice that speaks truth and hope to the 750,000 parents that access this site from the secular world. Enabling us to promote family life and cultures that are healthy and encouraging for our nations families and children.


We have a strong content programme, dominated by leading Fegans thinkers in their field to cover Mental Health, Debt, Family Break Down, Marriage and Parenting. We passionately believe that this opportunity gives Christians the ability to influence family in a way not seen for years…and actively change the culture in which we live.


We have so many stories of the support we have provided using our online resources…such as a group of vulnerable parents we have worked with sharing life’s heart aches and traumas using our chat groups. 


As a result of this support these parents are developing independence outside of social services or early help. With DAD.info we can extend that to an audience right across the nation. Will you help us care for those families as we take this bold step? Will you help support more Fathers become the dads they always wanted to be.


We are Fegans, join with us.

Ian Soars

Fegans CEO