The schools closed Friday 20 March 2020. The following day rainbow posters started to appear in the windows. These rainbows show the creativity and wisdom of the children who made them. They are messages of love, hope, kindness, bravery and gratitude. 


The children who are making these colourful rainbows are also dealing with their own fear and anxiety. This creative act expresses what really counts to cope with the uncertainty of this pandemic.


The rainbows are a powerful statement each child is making to remind us all of what is important for the survival of our communities. They help us all to make the right choices and not let our adults’ fear and anxiety overwhelm us. “BE POSITIVE, HELP THE NHS, STAY SAFE, BE BRAVE, KEEP SMILING, BE HAPPY are some of the words I read on the windows of my street. The children who wrote them heard the government message too. They are doing what they can to help the nation to do the right thing to stop the COVID19 killing spree. 


Your children’s drawings deserve a place of honour. So why not encourage them to design new ones every week, put them up in the front windows and create your very own pop up art gallery. These wonderful pictures brighten up our streets and celebrate what our communities have best to offer. 


May I suggest you to keep these posters in a special box until your child/children are old enough to leave the family nest? Then give their rainbows posters back to them with thanks. Their childhood drawings might well remind them of the inner strength, wisdom and resilience available to them in the  face of adversity. You might also want to keep one of their rainbows and put it in a frame to remind yourself of what an incredible thing you did when you brought your child into the world. 


By Laurence Metayer, Counsellor 


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