Ian Soars – 24th June 2016

By Ian Soars

Today’s referendum result and the subsequent movements in the financial markets have overnight reshaped our nation politically and economically.

However you voted, it is critical that this vote does not reshape us from a tolerant, open-hearted nation to a self-interested, me-first one. A fundamental thread in the UK’s history has been defined by a strong sense of compassion for those who need us most, wherever they live. It is worth remembering that we share a common history with these nations … Yes, of conflict, but also comradeship … We have fought and died for, and alongside, each other. Now is not the time to forget our brothers and sisters from Europe and the broader world.

Why? Because we cannot – cannot – turn our backs on those fleeing war, hunger and injustice. That’s not us… That’s not what we should become. We cannot use our strong economy to minister exclusively to our own when so many need us so much. Let us all continue to show compassion, mercy, understanding and yes, love to others who need us… We cannot abandon them now. And in the midst of this maelstrom that is unfolding let us show forbearance to each other, however we voted, because a “Kingdom divided against itself will fall”.

I understand the sense that many in the UK felt that their voice was not heard in Brussels. How awful then if, in the hour of our separation, we begin to become deaf to the needs of those who need us most.

As a Christian organisation we are praying for all concerned… our Leaders, Leaders across the world but most of all, for vulnerable children.