Throughout this website Fegans makes clear our desire to partner with Statutory services, local churches, community groups and other providers to vulnerable groups.

But we also want to partner with those who wish to invest funds.

In return we can offer;

We would also welcome Trusts and investors to feel they have a personal stake in the work…to have a real sense of achievement when our clients report transformed lives. Every significant investor is encouraged to regularly meet our CEO to get an inside view of what we are doing….to feel welcome to look under the bonnet if they so wish.

How you can support us

We need investors. Ultimately, Fegans delivers an expensive service to those who have limited capacity to pay for it….and that gap needs to be met. But people or organisations who invest with Fegans can be directional with how the funds are to be allocated…from going directly to children, to underwriting core cost, funding growth or innovation….all of this is received with more than gratitude…it is our very life blood.

Why we need financial support

Serving those in need, regardless of ability to pay.

Fegans delivers an expensive service mainly to those who cannot afford it. It is expensive as a result of our counsellors all being paid, qualified experts and supplying them with robust, proactive governance.  Whilst we work with all sections of society our work with the poor is particularly critical because they have no-where else to go.

Everyone who uses our services pays a contribution according to their ability to pay. Sometimes schools invest their money in their students that they had set aside for much-needed improvements or equipment. In both cases Fegans have held our prices at an affordable level…but this places great pressure on our finances.

Where does our income come from?

The majority of Fegans income is from people paying for our services. In one sense this is good news as it demonstrates our commitment to running efficiently and effectively. Donations is the next largest proportion of our income. Fegans is deeply grateful for the individuals, churches and trusts that have supported our work. The rest of Fegans expenditure is currently funded from reserves, but fiscal prudence demands that we close the deficit whilst retaining first class governance.

Can we cut our cost base?

Throughout 2015 Fegans undertook a major structural review and removed all non-essential operational roles. We raised the efficiency of our counsellors to market leading levels and shut down any operation that incurred unsustainable or unfunded costs. It has been painful, but necessary. We are now confident that Fegans carries only essential costs to ensure best practice clinical governance. Counselling vulnerable children requires statutory level safeguarding, clinical supervision and record keeping.

What does Fegans need to cover the shortfall?

Bluntly, we need people to invest in children and parents they do not know. We are setting up two bursary funds to allow Fegans to provide services to those people that do not have the ability to pay for the cost of the services we provide. This will move the charity to a sustainable position where we are not having to draw on our remaining reserves to fund the work we do. We are asking people to invest in a generation; the fruit of which they may never see.  Fegans has stood for over 145 years by not just supporting the children we care for but by understanding we are also caring for their succeeding children, grandchildren and great children.  This long term view informs our work and why we do it.

Request a meeting / call with CEO

CEO of Fegans, Ian Soars, is dedicated to reaching as many children and families in need as quickly as possible.  For this reason Ian will gladly meet with any agencies who are interested in exploring strategic partnerships to enable us to meet this need.

If you would like to contact Ian Soars, CEO of Fegans, please email or call 07769315550.