Statutory Services and Schools

Fegans offers specialist intervention work with vulnerable children and their families. However our most effective work is done in partnership with statutory authorities.

As a result we are keen to hear from; CAMHS – Can we work with you to reduce your waiting lists of vulnerable children?
Local Authorities – Are you interested in developing borough-wide/county-wide delivery solutions? Academy chains – Are your schools facing issues with exclusion, self-harm, high anxiety, eating disorders, behavioural challenges? Can our counsellors work with these children to offer effective strategies?
Children’s Services/ Early Help teams – Are there families who need a holistic approach to recover from the challenges they have faced or are facing?
Fegans’ experience points to this simple truth; that when organisations work together, communities can be changed. But old strategies of quick fix or working in isolation are both inefficient and ineffective. Ian Soars, our CEO would be delighted to meet with you to understand how Fegans can support you change the lives of children and families under your care.


Fegans have historically grown our school reach by engaging with schools individually. We welcome this but it does mean that schools in a given Church network or Multi Academy Trust may have a patchwork of provision which Fegans would welcome improving in partnership with you. We also desire to partner with providers on a more stable, long-term footing to ensure that children receive the best care regardless of their school or where they live and that Head Teachers know that more vulnerable children will not have their support pulled at short notice.

For a group of 5 schools Fegans can provide 1-2-1 counselling for around 30-40 children per year for a budget of less than £14,000 per year.

Fegans governance is excellent and our safeguarding robust. All of our counsellors are qualified and shape the delivery of our services to the schools and its needs. Every school is different and so are its needs so we do not offer ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Some schools look for parenting, some for play therapy, some for home based work but all look for positive, demonstrable results. Our impact page shows we consistently deliver these.

Request a meeting / call with CEO

CEO of Fegans, Ian Soars, is dedicated to reaching as many children and families in need as quickly as possible.  For this reason Ian will gladly meet with any agencies who are interested in exploring strategic partnerships to enable us to meet this need. If you would like to contact Ian Soars, CEO of Fegans, please email or call 07769315550.