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The Teenage Years – don’t just survive, thrive!

Tunbridge Wells, Friday 10th March 7.45 -9.15pm.  St John’s Church

“Thank you so much!  I feel much more prepared to deal with my teen now.”

Parent who attended a recent teen talk,


Practical Parenting Tips

Watch this space for videos, articles and blogs to help overcome parenting challenges and celebrate family life.

Setting Boundaries
How to put effective boundaries in place for your child or teen….and stick to them!

Boundary setting

“If you pick your battles and make it clear to your child what the consequences are, family life often becomes more peaceful.”

Parent Support Worker,


Understanding children's counselling
Fegans’ Head of Counselling explains how parents might spot signs of mental health issues in their children and adolescences.

Read Mary’s spotting the signs blog

Mary then explains the process of booking counselling for your child and what to expect.

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Mary also offers advice on how to support your child at home if they are experiencing difficulties.

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Mental Health Research and Articles

Read this section for links to useful articles about a variety of issues affecting our mental health and of our children.

Self harm
What is self-harm? What are the causes?  How can I help somebody who is self-harming?

Bearing the scars of emotional pain

“..accept that it is something they feel the need to do at the moment, listen to them and give them time and space to talk.”

Dinah Sheppard

Counsellor, Fegans

Eating Disorder Awareness

What is classed as an eating disorder? Do you have an eating disorder? How can I seek help?

Eating Disorder Awarenessblog

“…an eating disorder maybe the cause of biological, environmental or genetic factors, or emotional upset, depression and anxiety.  It can be a combination of one, two or even more of these factors…”

Jane Warren

Counsellor, Fegans