Revealed… Parenting After Separation


Fegans Parenting After separation

The New Course to Help You Parent after family breakdown

We work with hundreds of families every week and we believe that effective parenting is the best solution to the increasing mental health issues of our children and young people. 

We support, train and equip parents to give you a renewed sense of confidence and ultimately improve your relationship with your child, now and for the future.

Our course consists of training in parenting tools, as well as videos where our parent support coaches demonstrate how to put the training into practice.

This course is completely free 

Relationship building

Shows parents how family breakdown can affect a child mentally and emotionally, and how to prepare for this.

Clarity about behaviour

This course will help you understand the root causes of your child’s behaviour, especially if they seem to revert to behaviour more appropriate to a younger child

Step by step

Shows how to move towards co-parenting after separation

Who this Course is For:

If you are are going through separation following a breakdown of relationship with the other parent of your child then this course is for you. It will explain why and how to parent when one parent is non-resident.

It will also give you more confidence about the future for yourself, your children and your ex-partner.


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When you opt into this course you will get instant access to 11 modules about how to parent after relationship breakdown.


What our clients are saying:

My thanks will never be enough. Never, not in a million years, as there is no price tag on a mother’s relationship with her child.”

(name withheld, Kent)

Fegans has completely changed my life for the better. It’s not only reduced the anxiety, but it’s stopped all the meltdowns and my house is so peaceful.” 

(name withheld, Oxford)

Frequently Asked Questions
What child age group is this for?

This course is useful for parents of all age groups of under 18s.

What if I have questions and need to talk to someone?
You will be able to post questions in our private parenting support Facebook group, where our parent support workers can respond to your query
What if I want additional support specific to my family situation?
We do offer One to One Parent Support sessions via your home laptop or PC. For more information please click this link:
How do I contact Customer Support?

If you have any problems accessing the course please let us know by contacting us here and please include the following information:

– Tell us what the issue is
– Let us know your name and email address
– If you are getting an error message please screenshot it and include that in your message

I would like to donate to or volunteer for Fegans

That is wonderful! Donors and volunteers are our lifeblood.To find out more please check out our website: