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The Confident Child

As adults we understand the importance of gaining confidence in life. Having confidence in ourselves and our abilities has a positive effect on education, career and relationships, and our childhood years are integral to how we develop this throughout our lives. This talk will give a clear understanding of how to develop confidence in your child, outline the benefits, and give practical tips on what you can do at home to gift your child with the power of self-confidence.


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Your Child Online

As a mental health charity Fegans have been increasingly concerned about the negative impact of online influences on the mental health of the next generation, and our research shows this as a clear concern of parents too. In this talk we will explore the positives and negatives of your child online. We will also offer clear practical tips and takeaways on how you can manage and support your child online, ensuring they are safe, protected, and happy.


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After The Split

Family breakdown is an issue Fegans deals with on a day to day basis. When a family unit breaks down it impacts every member, and and Fegans aims to help parents focus on putting their children’s needs first to ensure a calm transition period into a new family dynamic. Working closely with counsellors and parent support workers we have prepared a talk that will help separating or divorced couples with a clear plan on how they can successfully co-parent.