Happy Child, Happy Parent

Happy Child, Happy Parent

Welcome to Fegans’ ‘Happy Child, Happy Parent’ series, where we focus on specific issues related to children during the primary school years. We have put together a series of articles to explore why these years are so important in building resilience, and what you as a parent can do to help.

When raising a child we look at so many external elements that contribute to their overall happiness, but what we focus on here is how to build strong internal resilience so that they can have not just a happier today, but also a happier tomorrow. For parents and guardians there are three stand–out areas to keep in mind:

Self Esteem

Building self-esteem during the primary school years is invaluable when it comes to measuring a child’s future self confidence, self care, and self awareness. But how do we build self esteem and self worth in our children? There are many ways to do this; building strong relationships with them, through child-led play, and encouraging quality time away from digital distractions.

Social Competence

Creating a socially confident child will positively impact on all areas of their life, in home, school, social and work environments. Working with praise, persistence, and consequences we can coach our children in life skills that will help with relationships, resilience and emotional wellbeing.


When considering self-discipline we focus on how to help our child with risk-taking, and problem solving. Looking closely at how to help our children help themselves will create independence, and teach them skills on how to maintain certain standards, achieve realistic goals and keep themselves happy and safe.

On 14th November Fegans’ parenting and counselling professionals will be holding a FREE talk in Sevenoaks, Kent. To book a place for our ‘Happy Child, Happy Parent’ event please click here.

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